A downloadable game

A story about catgirls... with bite!

Nekos are not "people with cat ears".

These humanoid beings have evolved in the shadows of human society.
Beautiful, Mysterious. Chaotic. Dangerous.

And now, three of them live with you.
Will you be able to get past the stigma and grow closer to them?

A story of cat and mouse, but don't worry about the rats.
The government says they are not a problem.

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YeetVisual has changed our name to TaleChaser Games!

Same people, still making OmOneko.


New vid posted here, Pepper expression WiPs: 


Hi! Do you wish to localise your VN into Spanish once the text is complete?

Hi, YES - that would be cool.

We've had offers for Japanese and Russian already.

But, it will be a while before were ready for that.

...and that story (with all paths) will be about 280,000 words!


Deleted 1 year ago

We're working hard on it!

Follow us here and on our twitter for updates.

We have a reddit and discord, and when we get close to launch, we'll open those up also.